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As a Pittsburgh based women-owned business and now in Hilton Head Island, DDS Web Design has provided web design services for a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. We have developed close relationships due to our keen attention to detail and our desire to fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

DDS Web Design works closely with clients to develop custom websites that adhere to the goals of their organization. We analyze client requirements and formulate options that best fit company needs. Contact Us to learn how we can assist you in developing, implementing and maintaining your next website solution.

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Our Success Stories

Bob Gambone - Business Coach

Brian Koeberle - Koeberle Law Firm, LLC

Nina Midgley - My Favorite Sweet Shoppe

Wayne Arlet - Total Image Auto Sport

Well, I don't know where to start. I've shed a few tears of joy. The site is absolutely stunning. We are the talk of the town, and this will just amplify that and so much more. From the Content (Thank you Kat) to the layout, simplicity, ease of use and all-around technology (Thank you Michael) and the all-around collaborated Team effort (Thank you Denise & Dave). And you Karen for providing the internal support for DDS to expeditiously complete this website. This is everything I was envisioning. I'm a little lost for words, can you believe it. I'll just leave it with GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!


You guys are the greatest. Thanks looks perfect.

~Cafe Raymond

Not knowing anything about setting up a website you made it a very smooth process and had it up and running very quickly, we love it and thank you!

~Karla, Extreme Signs and Graphics

I'm very please with the product and service provided by DDS. Our site is functional, easy to navigate and allows customers to access products easily. As I upgrade graphics for the site I know they'll be done in a timely manner. All in all it has been a great experience and value.

Is the response time that DDS Web Design provides you for changes or technical support satisfactory?

All changes are done quickly and efficiently, they said all changes would be done within a 24 hour period, all changes I've requested have been done within a two hour window. Extremely fast and efficient.


This experience has really been an exceptional experience that has given us a refreshing outlook on good faith and hope.

Is the response time that DDS Web Design provides you for changes or technical support satisfactory?

Yes very fast response time.

~John Lee, VFW7714

Since the beginning, working with DDS has been easy, seamless and extremely pleasant. I am so excited to see the results of my DDS website over time!

Is the response time that DDS Web Design provides you for changes or technical support satisfactory?

Yes. I have never waited for than a few hours for an answer, update, or response letting me know when it will be done.

~Christina Midgley, My Favorite Sweet Shoppe

Pittsburgh Medical Mall and affiliates are so glad that Dave is on our team, 5 star all the way!

~Mark Fleis MEd, Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa

I'm a business coach and I want my clients to have the best website that is available to them within their budget. I want them to have a website that will drive traffic by being at the top of the Google food chain and help my clients grow their business. Recently, several of my clients who thought they already had excellent websites, had a free analysis of their sites conducted by DDS. I knew for a fact that their old websites were not getting them enough business. After meeting with Dave and Denise they were convinced they needed new websites. Bottom line; DDS created custom websites for them at a price that they could afford and have already received their return on investment! DDS has my highest recommendation.

~Bob Gambone

Our company has been in business for ten years. During that 10 year period, we have had 3 other websites (all created by different designers). DDS was able to grasp the function and design concept we were looking for in an eye-pleasing presentation, which none of our previous designers/sites could do. As a small business, we have to wear many hats. Having DDS manage the SEO & provide a monthly website traffic analysis will be invaluable to us, so that our time can be better spent managing our day to day business. We don’t have the time to try to learn/master all of the tasks it takes to have a functional & business-building website. We are excited that DDS will fulfill that role for us. We are a part of a network within our industry which includes 280 other stores. We will happily be passing on the DDS company to them.

Is the response time that DDS Web Design provides you for changes or technical support satisfactory?

Dave created our web site in a very timely fashion. All of our requested changes were cheerfully implemented immediately.

What would you change about the services you receive?

I would not make any changes to the services we have received.

~Sandy Burkett, Vital Signs Pittsburgh

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the DDS team. They are extremely attentive to the client's requests and vision for a website, and their turn-around time for correspondence and changes is the fastest I've ever seen! I highly recommend DDS Web Design to anyone looking for "one-stop shopping" in their graphic design needs.

~Emily Kasky, Lithodora Translation & Interpretation, LLC

DDS did an exceptional job with our website. He responded immediately to any request for additional services and made helpful suggestions. We will continue to use him for all our website needs.

Is the response time that DDS Web Design provides you for changes or technical support satisfactory?


What would you change about the services you receive?


~Bernadette Collins, Secretary of Bethel Park Chamber of Commerce Board

I have now used DDS to build and maintain websites for two different organizations. Its process is very straightforward and customer friendly. DDS is quick to understand the client's concept for the site, and the 'initial build' is a close, iterative process between DDS and the customer. Once built, changes, modifications and updates to the site are efficient, timely, and cost effective. I would highly recommend DDS to anyone considering the development of a website for their organization.

Are you happy with the response time you receive when requesting a change or technical support?

DDS is an incredibly responsive service organization. Requested changes or technical support are normally completed either immediately, or within a matter of hours.

What would you change about the services you receive?

There is nothing I would like to change regarding the services that I receive.

~Lex Tsaggaris, The Stardust Memories Big Band

Dave did a great job on re-vamping our website - it was old, boring, and not working for us. Now, our website looks great, contains better information, and has useful forms, pictures, and even an installation video. Our customers love it.

Are you happy with the response time you receive when requesting a change or technical support?

Yes, when I contacted you, you were extremely quick in responding and completing the changes.

What would you change about the services you receive?

Nothing - you did a great job for a great price.

~Alisha, Office Manager, American Made Systems, Inc.

It has been roughly a month since my new site with DDS went live and I am seeing a substantial amount of activity and inquiries. Dave linked my facebook business page right to the site, designed a page featuring my local newspaper columns, added an inquiry page for prospective clients to easily contact me for questions.....all of these ideas came from him and have paid off big with my clientele. He is not just a web designer in the sense that he makes great looking sites. He makes sure that each site has the essential details to offer potential clients a complete picture of what your company represents. If you want to make a great impression choose DDS.

Are you happy with the response time you receive when requesting a change or technical support?

Absolutely! DDS's response time is virtually immediate which far exceeds my expectations.

What would you change about the services you receive?

I can't imagine where there would be room for improvement. DDS is exceptional.

~Andrea J. Lamping, Moon Walkers Pet Services, LLC

Working with Dave was a pleasure in developing our website. He was patient with us in our efforts to figure out what suited us best as a business needing a strong web presence as we continually "tweaked" the details in the beginning, he responded to us in short order every time we had input or wanted to make a change, and he demonstrated a level of professionalism and technical knowledge that we needed to incorporate a real "user friendly" characteristic to the website while looking great and being able to collect valuable data for our customers. Thanks so much.

~Daryl Leeworthy, OSA Global

Dave with DDS web design provided unbelievably fast turnaround on my website. He finished my website in 3 weeks and it was exactly what I was looking for. Great Job DDS and Thank You!

~Cory Wonderly, D.C.

Dave is so easy to get along with and never has a problem with anything I ask him to do. It is always done in a timely manner and correctly the first time. I could not ask for a better person to deal with! Dave has helped me so much setting up my new website and I sent him on quite a goose chase to get it all set up!

~Terry Messner, German Motor Werks, Inc.

DDS has proved to be a great value for our organization. We are a hockey organization with over 130 players. Our rink schedule can change weekly. Our parents and team managers are instructed to check the site weekly in the event the schedule is adjusted (which occurs 80% of the time). DDS's quick response to changes helped eliminate making phone calls to over 100 homes. DDS is quick, reliable and a joy to work with. The response time for changes is quick and painless, far exceeds my expectations.

~Dave McMullen, Westmoreland Hockey Association

Dave did exactly what he said he was going to do for my business with our website and his customer service. He delivered on everything. I would recommend DDS web design to anyone looking to take their website to the next level. I am so happy with the response time. You said you would be fast, but I did not think you would be as fast as you were. Very satisfied!

~Coach DeRose, Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Sports Therapy LLC.

"I can not express how incredibly happy and satisfied I am with the work done by DDS Web Design on my website. Many can design a website, but few can customize it to include your visions. Because of this incredible eye for detail, the final product far exceeded my expectations. Dave is a class act. I highly recommend DDS Web Design for anyone's website needs. They not only possess the skills, but are highly professional and efficient. I thank them for their hard work and dedication!!!!"

~Richard W. Davey

I can't imagine better or faster service. A+. Fast, accurate, responsive, pleasure to deal with. Recommended without reservation.

~Hollis T. Hurd, The Benefits Department

Dave did a fantastic job working with me to set up our new Web site. He understood my vision, was prompt with putting up the pages, was equally prompt with changes as we tweaked it many times, and was always accommodating and patient. I know I can always count on Dave to be there when I need to update or change my site or when I have a question on something related to my site. He is the consummate professional!

~Pat Jennette, Allegheny West Magazine

DDS understood our objectives and upgraded our existing website in an efficient, timely, cost-effective and extremely professional manner. In addition to our requirements, DDS suggested a number of additional enhancements that have significantly improved the site. A tremendous value! I would highly recommend DDS for your project.

~Lex Tsaggaris, The Naples Jazz Orchestra - Naples, Florida

Our Experience with DDS was fantastic. We gave them an idea of what we were trying to accomplish and they did the rest. We were up and running within a matter of a few weeks and the only reason it took that long was because they had to wait for information from us at several points throughout the project. We received quality work at a competitive price. The service was excellent. The response time is superb, second to none.

~Alan Latta, Controller RTR Business Products, Inc.

DDS Web Design has maintained the Arctic Foxes Hockey Association web site for many years now. I often receive emails from other companies soliciting their web services. These emails are promptly deleted. DDS has successfully fulfilled every request we have had to enhance our site. We were not sure if some of the things we wanted to do could be done but DDS came through with their technical expertise every time. Many requests are posted within 1 hour.

~Bob Britt President Arctic Foxes Hockey Association

I am extremely happy with the response time. Any time we need something fixed or adjusted on our web page, or just any questions in general, DDS is always there! I honestly have no complaints at this time. DDS always responds quickly and takes a lot of pride in their work, which ultimately makes our website/company look much better. We originally were trying to set up a new website for Banksville Express Printing and had many problems with our first 2 web designers. We were then recommended to DDS from another company and began working with DDS in May 2009. In a matter of weeks, our web site was up and running and any time we needed to make any changes or adjustments DDS was there. Dave is extremely knowledgeable in the IT field and also knows how to deal with customers/companies that he designs/maintains the websites for. I am very satisfied with DDS Web Design and have already recommended DDS to a few other companies.

~Bill Ozanick Banksville Express Printing

DDS Web design is not only professional, but affordable. I love having the convenience of working with a local web designer in the Pittsburgh area. We constantly receive commentments on how great our website looks and how "user friendly" it is. We are a new business, so his price was right for us AND DDS just impressed us with all that is offered. We look forward to enhancing our website with DDS as our small business grows into a BIG business! Thank you!

~Aubrey Worek Wellness Solutions at Work

Extremely! Our requests are usually handled within the hour. We needed our website recreated and we met with Dave for about an hour and within a week or two, our website was up and running. Any questions or changes we need made are usually done within the hour. We are very happy with DDS.

~Finn Chiropractic

Dave has helped me through many difficult projects with great results!! He's streamlined the look and content of my websites to help me present a total package to the public and has been almost psychic in understanding my (sometimes hard to explain) goals and needs. I have recommended him to several people who are using his services and are extremely satisfied!

~Olga Watkins

I am impressed with how quick the response time is with DDS. In all my years being in the workforce, I think Dave is one of the easiest people to work with. Since we have been working with DDS my entire department has improved. The image of the business I represent has improved significantly. Since I have been on staff, I feel that hiring DDS has been the best decision our company has made! I would... and have recommended DDS to anyone who wants to build a business. Our website is easy to use....captivating....and progressive!!

~Tammy Rink

DDS Web Design has recently made my website . Before, I did it on my own, now it looks amazing, easy to follow and well put together. Thank you so much for helping my business grow and attract more people!

~Scott Fichter SPR Dance, LLC

Dave has completely grown our web page into a very useful tool for our customers and also our staff.

~Ice Connection of Pittsburgh

I am very impressed with the response time. Better than I could have ever imagined. This is the 3rd time I had the experience of dealing with a web design team, and you are by far, better than anyone I have ever dealt with. I feel like a priority customer everytime I ask for anything to be added or updated. I will highly recommend your service.

~Robert Burdzy W. A. Hockey

DDS is excellent. While the creativity is very good the service is what sets them apart from everyone else that I have seen.

~Reed Trip Spa-Nique

I'm always amazed at how quickly changes are implemented. DDS Web Design makes it easy to keep our site current. The service is fast and accurate. And it's nice to know that the website is one area that's always completely taken care of, everyday.

~Kristin Paxton

Dave is very attentive to your project and, when he works with you, you feel you are his only customer. His service is very prompt and efficient. He welcomes feedback.

~JJ Groom and Go

It is appreciated that I can call you on the phone with changes and see the changes that day on my website. I am very satisfied to have DDS Web Designs getting my website up and running and maintaining it with attention to detail and a professional attitude during the development and execution of my web page.

~Bill Quillen Zeppelin Embroidery

You have been exceedingly helpful with the work on our web site. We are a 501 (c) 3, no-profit charitable organization and the information you have given us along with actual web site has been excellent. Many Thanks,

~Bill, Music for Mt. Lebanon President